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Natural Chemistry: Clean & Perfect

Powerful, yet gentle, all purpose pool & hot tub cleaner – Ideal for pool surfaces, spa acrylic, spa skirting, spa

SpaGuard Anti-Foam 473mL

This product is an effective defoaming and foam control agent. Directions for Use Use 10 mL (approx. 1 capful) of

SpaGuard Filter Brite – 100g

Filter cleaner – Removes grease and oils & controls scale and rust. Directions for Use Remove filter cartridge from spa

SpaGuard Natural Spa Enzyme 946mL

This product controls odours and scum line build-up caused by oils, lotions, greases and other organic contaminants. This product will

SpaGuard Optimizer Plus 800g

SpaGuard Optimizer Plus provides the following benefits to improve the quality and feel of your spa water… Enhances water comfort

SpaGuard Polysheen 473mL

Maintains and restores sparkling water by collecting small particles into larger masses that can be removed by the filter. When

SpaGuard Spa Complete 2.07L

3-in-1 Intensity Formula that: Keeps water amazingly clear Softens water Keeps spa clean Smells great with a touch of lavender

SpaGuard Swirl Away® Pipe Cleaner (475 mL)

SpaGuard Swirl Away® Pipe Cleaner (475 mL) Swirl Away aids in the removal of build-up in the plumbing lines of

SYNeRGY Stabilized Chlorine Tabs 2.5 Kg

SYNeRGY Stabilized Chlorine Tabs are a slow dissolving sanitizer created specifically for your hot tub or spa. Tablet size is

Natural Chemistry: Spa Perfect – 2 L

The SMARTZyme™ technology reduces unwanted non-living organic contaminants – body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions, hair products, etc!! Prevents waterline rings,

SpaGuard Stain & Scale 473mL

Chelates calcium, magnesium and other water hardness ions to minimize crystallization and scale formations on surfaces, in pipes, filtration systems