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BioGuard Clarifying Tabs™ (6x60gm Tablets)

BioGuard Clarifying Tablets work to aid the pool’s sand filter to collect and trap small particles of dirt, dead algae,

BioGuard Polysheen Blue® (946ml)

Polysheen Blue is one of BioGuard’s most popular products for keeping your water looking crystalline. It uses special polymer technology

BioGuard Pool Tonic (946 ml)

SAVE 30% – End of Season Sale! BioGuard Pool Tonic Eliminates cloudy, hazy or dull water Removes phosphate and other

BioGuard Power Floc® (946ml)

BioGuard PowerFloc is highly effective at restoring water clarity by flocculating particles that cause cloudiness, haze and water discoloration. This

BioGuard Smart Shield™ (946ml)

Introducing Smart Shield, the “invisible solar cover”! Using BioGuard’s proprietary technology, they have been able to create Smart Shield which

BioGuard Sparkle Up® (750gm)

Tiny particles of suspended dirt, plaster dust, dead algae, pollen, etc. may pass right through the filter. BioGuard Sparkle Up

Power Floc

This product restores water clarity by flocculating particles that cause cloudiness, haze, & water discolouration. Debris is coagulated and quickly

Pool Opening Complete

Description The perfect product to start off the pool season! This product is a special variation of Pool Complete designed

Pool Complete

This product keeps your pool water crystal clear! The positive cationic action attracts microscopic particles together so the filter can