Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is a handy accessory that can provide your hot tub with added protection and security. It’s used to secure and cover the spa while it’s not in use. Among all the hot tub accessories you can equip your installation with, a cover is considered to be the most important one.

For those people who already own a spa cover, they need to keep an eye on certain signs that show it needs to be upgraded. We’ve compiled some of the most common tell-tale signs that you need to upgrade your cover. Read on to learn more!

Fading Material

The most prominent sign your hot tub cover needs a replacement is that the material is deteriorating right before your eyes. With the passage of time and due to excessive use, the material of the cover may begin to deteriorate. It loses its grip and sheen, and you might even notice that it feels rougher than when you first bought it.

This is a clear indication that you should look for a replacement as soon as possible because it can lead to other issues. Some of these issues include rips and tears, which allows for moisture to get into the material that can later lead to a build-up of mold and bacteria.

Foul Odour

In some cases, a hot tub cover may also start to emit a foul odor. This smell is caused by bacteria and mold that has grown in the cover due to the presence of moisture, as we mentioned above. If you are encountering such an issue, you should think about replacing it immediately.

Exposing yourself to mold and other bacteria can be dangerous to your health and the quality of your hot tub water. If you need a couple of days or weeks before you can buy a new one, give it a good cleaning with a garden hose, sponge, and hot tub cover cleaner for a temporary solution.

Increased Weight

If your hot tub cover has become heavier than it originally was, it’s probably the time for an upgrade. The cover becomes heavier with the passage of time because of moisture. The water has been soaked up into the material of the cover, which contributes to the increased weight.

Modern Hot Tub Covers

A wide variety of covers are available in the market. They are made from different materials and offer different features. Of course, with a cover that’s available at a higher price point, you’re most likely going to get a higher-quality product.

A hot tub cover can last for a couple of years and are imperative to the functionality of your spa. Of all the accessories that you can opt for the discount version, this isn’t the one to do so. Your hot tub cover can help to protect your spa from the elements, dirt, and debris, and even insulate the heat – helping regulate and even lower your monthly operating costs.

For some of the best deals on high-quality hot tub covers, contact our experts at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs of Surrey in Surrey, B.C.

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