Landscape Ideas for Your Outdoor Hot Tub

For many people, it has been a lifelong dream to have an outdoor hot tub available right in their own yard. The benefits of owning one are very inviting. You can come home after a hard day at work and slide right into the refreshing, pulsing waters while in the privacy of your backyard. Before purchasing your spa, however, it would probably be a good idea to consult with a hot tub dealer to decide where the best placement would be and landscape to go along with it.

Questions to Ask

There are several questions that you should address before installing your hot tub:

  • Do you want concealment and privacy?
  • Do you want it on display?
  • Do you want it to accentuate another part of the property, such as a garden?
  • Do you enjoy lots of greenery and flowers?
  • Is safety, access, and functionality a priority?
  • Are there other backyard features to consider?

These questions and more should be answered to prepare you for the hot tub of your dreams.

A Private Retreat

If you would prefer a more private hot tub installation, maybe you would like to have it obscured from view with a decorative fence or secure against another object in the yard to provide some concealment.

Often many people will consider adding a gazebo to their landscape, which with different styles and colours can accommodate the most particular tastes. Using foliage such as hedges can also grant some added security. For a more public venue, some may choose to use it to accentuate a swimming pool or may even have an area of the yard dedicated to focusing the spa by itself.

Party Central

Do you enjoy entertaining family and friends? You can plan your landscape and hot tub installation to cater to this lifestyle preference. First, consider installing your hot tub within your existing patio or deck. If you are unable to do this, you may want to consider installing it directly beside or nearby these entertainment areas on a concrete slab and then continuing your deck or patio to surround the hot tub. This landscape design can help to ensure that the conversation will continue to flow, even if some are soaking in the hot tub and others are sitting at the patio table or lounging on some chairs.

Complete your landscape with an array of greenery, flowers, and outdoor lighting.

Time to Relax

Is your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub the go-to place for relaxation? Create an outdoor oasis for yourself and your family to relieve stress by adding landscape features such as a fire pit, waterfall or water fountain, ambient lighting, and built-in outdoor speakers.

You may want to install your hot tub in the heart of your backyard, rather than close to the house. The further from your house the hot tub is, the less likely you will be disturbed by other family members or nosey neighbours. Consider adding stepping stones or a custom walkway to and from your home to enhance the safety and functionality of your backyard, along with in-ground lights so you can see where you’re going. Add a few flowers, greenery and mulch in one or multiple garden areas, and your outdoor hot tub installation will be ready to use.

Hot Tubs in Langley and Surrey

If this article has inspired you to want to create the ultimate retreat, or you would like to read more about how much a hot tub can improve your quality of life, please check out our blog or if you are around Langley or Surrey, come see us at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Backyard Living of Surrey and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!

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