Fun Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Hot Tub

Lounging in your hot tub late at night can be a unique pleasure, allowing you to fully relax and soak with the stars shining brightly overhead. However, while this can be an unmatched joy, it’s important to remember that you do need to have the correct lighting so you can actually see what you are doing! For safety and for serenity, it is important to have appropriate lighting for your outdoor hot tub – but that doesn’t mean boring fluorescents and austere dome lights. Proper lighting makes the experience, so here are some fun outdoor lighting ideas for your hot tub.

Rustic Roots and Lighting

If your outdoor area emphasizes the organic and natural, whether you have a small garden or an outdoor fire pit, you should highlight the return to simpler times with classic copper sconces and brass lanterns. These artistic reminiscences are sleek and simple, drawing attention to the wonders of the outdoors while providing a calm sense of safety and security, a feeling of being part of nature, but also detached from it. If you have potted plants, lining the ceramic with underslung lights will draw attention to them without detracting from the effect.

Fairy Lights

Another approach to capitalizing on the great outdoors is to use string lights and rope lights, casually entwined with your portion of nature. Dangling rope lights from elevated surfaces, such as trees and fences, will keep the lights out of your way while also lighting your way. Thinner strands can be used for longer stretches, creating the illusion of tiny bulbs of floating, swaying light suspended in midair, redolent of the fairies of Celtic lore that would frolic around natural meeting spaces.

Steel lanterns with tiny pinholes to allow beams of light out will create the impression of fireflies, while established pathways can be lit up with glowing artificial rocks, manifesting a sense of wonder and magic for every guest as they make their way to your hot tub.

Modern Marvel Lighting

Others prefer a more futuristic, clean look, capitalizing on the essence of human nature. Many fixtures with utilitarian designs can be repurposed to evoke that feeling of minimalism and progress. Hanging bar lights from chains, strips of lights running along walkways and walls. Recycled lights from retired vehicles can lend an authentic aesthetic of the sharp, forward-oriented design.

You can also take inspiration from other sources, such as emulating the running lights on planes. You can hook everything up to Bluetooth so that you can control the entire tableau from your phone, depending on mood and necessity. Modern wireless lights even have built-in speakers, allowing you to set the atmosphere with music and entertainment while your guests enjoy the amenities.

Setting the Ambiance in Langley and Surrey

The right kind of lighting is important. Not only for safety for your guests but to establish the look and feel you’d like for your outdoor hot tub to project. For more design tips for creating the perfect backyard space with light, why not check out our blog for more information? Or, if you have any questions, are looking for the best hot tubs for entertaining, or are looking for inspiration for your lighting needs, why not come visit our pool supply store here at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Backyard Living of Surrey in Surrey and Langley? Our friendly sales team is looking forward to helping you choose the best lighting for your outdoor living space today!

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