Easing Headache Pain with a Hot Tub

Without a doubt, very little compares to the unique and awful pain of having a headache. Once a headache hits you, you may feel trapped by the symptoms and unable to do anything about it. You may find yourself feeling like all you can do is sit in a dark room with a cool towel on your forehead, silently hoping the pain goes away soon. Don’t let your headache hold you back, though! We have some helpful tips to help you ease your headache pain with your own hot tub!

Ten Minute Relief

One of the first things you can try is just getting into the hot tub for ten minutes and see how that affects you. Many of the common causes of headaches are stress and fatigue-related, so the simple relaxation might be enough to edge out the headache and soothe your aches. There are also many physiological causes of headaches, such as joint pain, tendon damage, or back strain – submerging yourself in hot water and letting the jets massage your body may be enough to get rid of the headache. Our Sundance Spa hot tubs are affordable, convenient, and great for this purpose.

Work It Out

Hot tubs provide an incredible tool for exercise and therapeutic treatment, both of which can help with a headache. Next time you feel a throbbing pulse come on, consider tapping into your body’s own natural endorphin stores with some light exercise and gentle stretches in the tub. If your headache is being caused by stress or aggravation elsewhere in the body, a little low-impact activity to limber up may cause the pain to go away. You may also consider before and after your workout tapping into hydromassage and reflexology, treatments that use the jets of your hot tub to provide immense relief to nervous tissue and improve blood flow, which may relieve your aching head.

Breathe Deep and Take in The Sights

Aromatherapy and chromotherapy are both impactful water-based treatments with proven ties to mental health, including the more visceral types such as headaches and migraines. If your headache is caused by stress, fatigue/lack of sleep, and overexertion, utilizing calming scents like lavender, vanilla, and chamomile as you soak in the tub may help relax your aching head. Throwing in proper chromatic lighting using the LED strips on and in your hot tub can also provide mental relief, and put you into the proper state for healing and recovery. Light pulsing of proven meditative colours may be just what you need to reduce eye strain and relieve a persistent headache.

Lasting Headache Relief in Langley and Surrey

Headaches are terrible and often debilitating, but hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how to relieve the pain. For more information about how to get lasting relief from your headache woes, why not check out our blog for more tips and advice? A relentless thrum of pain from your headache can take you out of the game, but serious relief from it is definitely possible. If you are in need of more advice about how to beat your headaches, or are thinking of upgrading and are curious as to what the best hot tubs for this purpose are, feel free to stop by our pool supply store here at Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Backyard Living of Surrey in Surrey and Langley! Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team look forward to meeting you and helping you with any of your hot tub needs!

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